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Go Green

Go Green, modeof the future. PRADAKO is one of the first companies to work under Go Green, where economics and environmental performance are given equal importance.

Go Green requires a major shift in every aspect which will be totally different and difficult. It is a path of green thorns, so difficult to ride on, where PRADAKO comes into light. Our strategies & principles which gave us a diamond (engraved) shoes to walk on ever since. A survey on green environment conducted by Nature magazine says 23% of emerging companies choose Go Green every year and only 06% of them continue to be in it.

PRADAKO strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. We develop and practice business strategies that go beyond regulation and demonstrate commitment to a healthy and sustainable future. PRADAKO adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers and employees.

The Value of Being Green

PRADAKO has strengthened its commitment to sustainability as the benefits become more apparent (and the alternatives more untenable). Just as natural resources are becoming scarce and costly; now people are becoming environmentally-conscious, what we did in 1970’s. Championing sustainability allows PRADAKO to align deeply with their missions and engage customers on a more meaningful level.

According to PRADAKO, sustainability is a permanent part of most of the corporate agendas.

PRADAKO also consider green practices to be vital to remain competitive and affirm that these practices are contributing to profits. Some of the reasons for going green include:

Reduced Risk:

Environmental degradation threatens the ecosystem services that allow our economy to face severe problems in future of which PRADAKO thought of in advance and investing in sustainable solutions to water scarcity and in search of renewables that will power the future. As both engineers and management become more knowledgeable about green strategies that improve the bottom line, climate-responsive business practices are becoming the norm.

Green Product Demand:

Demand for environmentally-friendly services and products continue to grow. According to a survey conducted by Cohn & Wolfe, a majority of consumers in all countries say that it is very or somewhat important that companies are environmentally-friendly and 35% are willing to spend more for green products.

Consumer Engagement:

Community involvement is an important cornerstone for PRADAKO, and green practices enhance public image, community relations and good will. According tothe survey report of PRADAKO, “media initiatives with a corporate social responsibility focus generates 35-50% more positive media coverage on television, radio, web and social media than comparable programs without the CSR hook”.

Attracting Talent:

Environmentally-conscious business practices help attract and retain the best employees by increasing employee satisfaction and pride in the workplace. According to Monster-TRAK poll on green employment, 92% of young professionals would be more inclined to work for an environmentally-friendly company. Engagement programs that empower employees by giving them easy ways to support causes they care about.

Attracting Customers:

Socially and environmentally responsible assets rose more than 324% from 1995 to 2007, signalling a growing interest in sustainability among customers. Investors are also shifting from a “do no harm” approach to a “do more good” approach that will benefit everyone.


Green jobs are also more recession-proof than the alternatives. Next 10’s report on green jobs in California shows that while the economy there contracted 7% during the recession, the clean energy and pollution reduction industries fell only 3%. From 1995-2010, green jobs in California grew 53% while the total economy grew 12%.

While recessions are difficult, they also provide a window for new business ventures and an opportunity to establish a new position within the market. Resources become more affordable, human resources are more abundant, and customers become more willing to consider PRADAKO and alternative & eco-friendly products. This is a great time to go green and position PRADAKO as an environmental leader.

PRADAKO Green Team

Having a sustainability officer is now the norm: 86% of large companies have at least one person focused full time on sustainability. Even so many employees feel that their employers could do even more to promote environmentally-friendly practices. Growing numbers of businesses are now developing “green teams” to capture the collective passion and expertise of a group of employees. In PRADAKO all the employees are trained in such a way that they will lead a better life with green environment, which takes place every month, inside the plant.

Besides that PRADAKO helps the one in need as a friend, by PRADAKO Grow Green, where the employees once in every 4 months visit a rural area, give a social awareness program and will make sure that Go Green & Grow Green nature is brought in to light, for better future.

PRADAKO also participates in Earth Share workshops. Where these meetings bring together sustainability and environmental leaders to share ideas, educate each other and provide a private forum to discuss the environmental issues affecting today’s modern workplace.

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