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4 Decades on the Market

Supplying fasteners all over the world all these years, without compromising in quality and design.

Being a leading Fastenal manufacturing company, with a wide range of fasteners, PRADAKO Mechanicals & Engineering became a bench mark for the Fastenal solutions not only in industrial sector but also in household sector.

Having experience of 44 years, from the very start PRADAKO Mechanicals & Engineering works has recognised as one of the best choice for the machine manufacturing companies, who are in the search of trusted and qualified fastener manufacturers all over the world.


Dharmesh R Trivedi was passionate to work and was fascinated by engineering at the tender age of 13. Little did he know at that time that he will be leading the company where he got excited to know more about science of engineering. At the age of 18 he finally joined PRADAKO Mechanicals & engineering works, started working with his father and now with his experience of more than 35 years, has shaped the company to where it is today. With continuous success and growth in the field of fastener manufacturing and service, the result of the class effort by him and his late father Shri Rajnikant Trivedi who served the automotive and other manufacturing industries with reliable fasteners since 1970.

Under the leadership of Dharmesh Trivedi, Pradako is expanding and reaching new heights and has become a perfect mix of experience and youth- which has new innovative ideas in the vary field of fasteners and other automotive components.

We as a Pradako family thank him for been the outstanding leader and a tremendous person from the bottom of our hearts and wish him and his family all the best for all his ventures personal and professional, and may the success and the legacy of Pradako continues for years and years to come with the same passion and fascination which was there in the eyes of the boy who was 15 years young.

We supply fasteners at required range of strength, life and rate, specified by the customer with optimum quality in design, production and service which inturn made us to quote that “Your MACHINES will LOVE it…”

The well-equipped, excelled designers and skilled operators, who cradle the fasteners, step by step with great care and interest, is what happens inside the company.We contribute the facility of flexibility to our customers with each and every aspect, with greater accuracy and liability and we can always be within your budget.

The quality standards which are specially designed for Fastenal production by experienced PRADAKO core team to make sure that the quality and design will mate each other to make the part flawless. (Batch production design, Inspection standard, quality maintenance, Cellular production, Six Sigma maintenance, 5S service and ISO PRADAKO Standards).

Wide Variety of Products

• High strength bolts
• Tapping screws
• Fine threads
• Self-clinching
• Machine mount bolts
• Wooden screws
• Furniture fitting fasteners
• Brass screws
• Stainless steel fasteners
• Punch rivets
• Hammer drives
• Corrosion resistant fasteners
• Security fasteners
• Customized fasteners

• Construction bolts
• Tool fixing & holding screws
• Automotive critical part fasteners
• Aesthetic fasteners
• Leak proof fasteners
• Threaded rods
• Split lock fasteners
• Multi start
• Cantilever fasteners
• Carriage bolts
• Shoulder bolts
• Studs
• Welding screws
• Bended screws

• Thumb screws
• Coupling threaded rods
• Square nuts
• Hex standard nuts
• Coupling nuts
• Fanged nuts
• Plain washers
• Serrated washers
• Serrated nuts
• Retaining rings
• Speed clips
• Lock nuts
• Toothed washers
• Customized washers
• Thumb nuts
We produce fasteners with fundamental elements of earth (mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, spring steel, and other customized materials) with a wide range of variety of grades(refer fastener standards).

PRADAKO Mechanicals & Engineering works Research Centre

Where technology and efficiency go hand in hand

Innovation is what drives business, so that is where our approach to techniques in design and development to achieve even better quality of our fasteners, we turn to innovative technologies, do research to foster best practices, participate and engage in trend analysis, have discussions about the future of fastener designs, and balance these initiatives with customer needs. We think forward to make fasteners that exemplify the best combination of outstanding qualities. You take advantage of this getting an excellent product.

Vast Knowledge Base and 24/7 Personal Support

PRADAKO Mechanicals& Engineering works is a place where people get help for free

If you have questions about choosing, purchasing or even with design, you can put them to our Support team or phone operators, who are skilled technicians handling your problems with quiet skill and dedication. There is an emergency service which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The product descriptions, size reference, fastener selection, material selection, appearance selection and design, which were given in requisite places in this site will give the basic knowledge on fasteners. If you still do not see a solution to your problem, you can contact us any time for best solution and assistance.

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